UAE announces new federal traffic law to regulate new tech, self-driving cars
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UAE announces new federal traffic law to regulate EVs, self-driving cars

UAE announces new federal traffic law to regulate EVs, self-driving cars

The new traffic law, aims to facilitate the broader adoption of self-driving vehicles and electric cars, keeping in line with advances in modern urban planning and sustainability efforts

Marisha Singh
Traffic law - Sheikh-Mohammed-Cabinet-Meet

In a significant step to align with global advancements in transportation, the UAE Cabinet approved a new federal traffic law on Monday.

Announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and ruler of Dubai, the legislation introduces several changes aimed at modernising the nation’s road governance systems.

Sheikh Mohammed detailed the scope of the new law, highlighting its focus on integrating modern technologies and adapting to the swift changes in the global transport industry such as electric vehicles (EV) and self-driving cars. “Today, we approved the issuance of a federal law on traffic, which includes amendments to the classification of vehicles and the use of modern technologies on the roads to keep pace with the rapid development witnessed by means of transportation globally,” he stated.

The updated legislation will encompass several key areas, reflecting the UAE’s commitment to innovation and future-forward thinking in its transport policies, said the Dubai ruler.

Sheikh Mohammed elaborated, “The new legislation keeps pace with the expansion of the use of self-driving vehicles, EVs, and personal means of transportation of various types. It takes advantage of the technological progress that characterises the country’s road network.”

This law aims to facilitate the broader adoption of self-driving vehicles and EVs, acknowledging their growing importance in modern urban planning, and sustainability efforts.

It also addresses various types of personal transportation, emphasising a holistic approach to mobility, that ensures the leveraging of cutting-edge technology.

The UAE has long been a pioneer in adopting advanced technologies across various sectors.

This new federal traffic law reaffirms the country’s position as a leader in smart transportation solutions, ensuring its road network remains among the most advanced in the world.

The new law follows on the heels of extended testing of self-driving cars on Dubai’s roads.

AI, digital transformation on the agenda

In a separate post, Sheikh Mohammed said the UAE Cabinet “adopted a general framework for sustainable government digital transformation.”

The session also the adoption of a charter for the uses of artificial intelligence in the country “to comply with the highest standards of safety and privacy and to ensure a positive and lasting impact on society.”

UAE to get new commerce body

The Dubai ruler, furthermore, announced the approval for the formation of a working group headed by the UAE’s Ministry of Economy, to develop the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Sheikh Mohammed said the new body will “strengthen the economy, opening markets, building new partnerships with the world and enabling our local companies to enter global markets.”

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