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Two Saudi policemen injured in latest Qatif attack

Two Saudi policemen injured in latest Qatif attack

The most recent attack follows two others on July 4 and 6

Two members of Saudi Arabia’s security forces were injured on early Saturday morning in the third terrorist attack in the restive Qatif Province in a week.

The attack, which took place at 12:15am, involved the use of an explosive shell, according to Saudi Press Agency.

This was activated as the two men passed through an under construction building in Al-Naserah District.

They were transferred to hospital for treatment and an investigation into the attack has been launched

Separate incidents in Al-Musawara district on July 4 and 6 saw two police officers killed and eight others injured.

Saudi ruler King Salman vowed on Saturday to punish those responsible in calls to the relatives of those killed.

The Saudi government is demolishing abandoned houses in Al-Musawara and other areas to prevent terrorists using them as hideouts and make was for development projects.


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