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Two killed in bank robbery attack in Saudi Arabia

Two killed in bank robbery attack in Saudi Arabia

A gunman stormed into one of the branches of Al Rajhi bank, reportedly to rob the bank, and opened fire on customers and employees

Two people were killed while two others were injured during an attempt to rob a bank in Saudi Arabia, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.

Local media reported that a gunman tried to rob one of the branches of Al Rajhi bank in Jazan area on Tuesday morning. The assailant allegedly open fired on employees and customers present at the bank during this time.

Police soon arrived at the scene and asked the gunman to surrender but he continued to open fire, reports said.

But the security forces later were able to capture the gunman after freeing those who he held captive. The assailant has been handed over to investigative agencies for further procedures, SPA said.

Official sources did not indicate any other motive apart from robbery. Armed attacks have been happening sporadically across the kingdom as the country grapples with domestic militancy, mainly inspired by hardline terrorist groups such as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Security forces have been cracking down on supporters of ISIL and have foiled attacks that were to be carried out.

In September, two ISIL militants were killed while three other were arrested in security raids in Riyadh and Dammam. Authorities said that the suspects were planning an “imminent terrorist attack” and one of the venues that were raided was a bomb-making factory.

In another encounter, an 18-year old Saudi national was killed by security forces after he and his brother abducted his cousin and filmed his execution. Meanwhile three other people were also killed in the northern province of Ha’il.


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