Trimble Solutions’ Paul Wallett on the role of construction technology in building the Museum of the Future
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Trimble Solutions’ Paul Wallett on the role of construction technology in building the Museum of the Future

Trimble Solutions’ Paul Wallett on the role of construction technology in building the Museum of the Future

In an exclusive interview with Gulf Business, Wallett, the regional director of Trimble Solutions – Middle East and India, tell us how his company’s tech solutions have contributed to building complex structures in the region

Gulf Business

Tell us about your company’s involvement with the construction of the Museum of the Future. 

The iconic Museum of the Future is one of the most complex construction projects in the region. Its success has proved that elaborate, complicated and massive building projects are possible, with the smart use of innovative solutions and technology across various construction phases.

Different contractors and subcontractors were involved in the construction of the Museum of the Future. Leading steel fabricator Eversendai oversaw the project’s building information modelling (BIM) implementation and coordination, connection design, shop drawings, erection engineering study and stage analysis, workshop fabrication drawings, and supply, fabrication and erection of structural steel works. Eversendai delivered the job efficiently, accurately and on time, using Tekla Structures, our advanced structural BIM software.

The software’s 3D modelling capabilities and flexibility to open application programming interface options gave the team scope to explore and develop routines to carry out modelling and detailing accurately in a relatively short time with a high degree of precision. Considering the complex geometry and intricate shape of the structure and also the provision of multi-staged construction pre-set requirements of construction management and engineering analysis, our solutions were very helpful.

In fact, the project team used multiple solutions from Trimble. Our open collaboration tool that connects people to the right data, enabling informed decision-making and enhanced project efficiency, was used as the common environment, or CDE, throughout the project lifecycle –  a critical factor to track the progress of a project. Our mechanical, electrical and plumbing, or MEP, solution was used for the intricate design. Our software was also used for the automated on-site layout as were our structural design solutions.

The use of these modern solutions helped reduce rework by up to 65 per cent, increased productivity by 50 per cent and reduced total energy consumption by 25 per cent.

 How are smart solutions impacting the construction industry in the region?

As an economic hub, the Middle East has increased its infrastructure projects, rapidly transforming the construction industry. Construction companies are increasingly embracing smart solutions such as robotics, 3D modelling and connected construction. However, technology adoption is often restricted in mid-sized architecture, engineering and construction due to limited upfront capital investments. We are committed to supporting the industry, as they take their first steps towards complete digital transformation. We have introduced a subscription-based model for our various software solutions, which reduce upfront costs while giving companies access to smart construction solutions.

This is the right time for the industry to adopt technology. The Museum of the Future, which stretches structural engineering to its limits, showcases the creativity of what is possible using innovative modelling technology. It was a proud moment for everyone to finally see it come to life.

What are some of the other projects in the Middle East that have used your solutions?

Aside from the Museum of the Future, our technology solutions have been deployed in the construction of other major landmarks, including The Opera House at Downtown Dubai, Opera Grand, ICD Brookfield Place Tower, Dubai Arena, One Zabeel, and a number of pavilions at Expo 2020 such as UAE Pavilion and The Mobility Pavilion. Trimble’s solutions have also been used in the construction of Kuwait University Stadium and the Riyadh Metro in Saudi Arabia, Adly Mansour metro station in Egypt, Mall of Oman and Children Mall Ribbon in Qatar.

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