ToYou joins forces with Saudi payments infrastructure giant, Geidea
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ToYou joins forces with Saudi payments infrastructure giant, Geidea

ToYou joins forces with Saudi payments infrastructure giant, Geidea

The partnership will deliver next-level payment infrastructure, boosting customer experience and driving innovation for consumers, partners and merchants

ToYou Geida partnership

ToYou, the delivery super app has joined forces with Saudi payments giant, Geidea, in a move that offers enhanced solutions and infrastructure that take payments to the next level for stakeholders across the digital ecosystem.

The partnership counts as the latest addition to ToYou’s stellar lineup of strategic collaborations. The super app has experienced super-charged success over the past three years, with partnership a cornerstone of its ambitious mission to push the boundaries of customer experience and drive innovation for consumers and partners across the board.

Geidea is a company of firsts: the first certified point of sale (POS) terminal in the kingdom, the first company to be licensed as a payment institution, and the first and only non-bank institution to process end-to-end payment solutions. With a presence in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE, the company is realising its vision to make payments and commerce technology accessible, affordable, and intuitive, by empowering merchants with the tools to build their businesses. Geidea processes more than five million transactions daily and accounts for 75 per cent of Saudi’s POS market.

By delivering enhanced payments solutions and payment infrastructure, Geidea adds significant value to the ToYou ecosystem, and there’s no saying how far the collaboration could go. “Our decision to partner with Geidea is an exciting milestone in a journey that is just getting started,” said Ziyad Al-Ajlan, CCO of ToYou. “By combining our talent, solutions, and passion for solving problems through innovation, I believe we can be an unstoppable force in the digital economy – and the first to benefit will be our customers.”

Geidea Group chief strategy and growth officer, Laurent Dhaeyer, is just as bullish about the potential ahead. “ToYou is a trailblazer on Saudi Arabia’s delivery landscape and Geidea’s best-in-class technologies will help it to stay well and truly ahead of the game. Today’s consumers are discerning and tech savvy and when it comes to digital demands, there’s nothing we can’t deliver together.”

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