Top 10 YouTube channels in the UAE
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Top 10 YouTube channels in the UAE

Top 10 YouTube channels in the UAE

Music and beauty videos top the list of the top 10 channels with the most number of subscribers

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Video sharing site YouTube has been gaining popularity across the Middle East region, with smartphone-savvy internet users from the United Arab Emirates among the biggest consumers.

A survey by Google about three years ago – the last official one – found that the majority of UAE users listen to music on YouTube. Relaxation, staying up to date and receiving product information were some of the other reasons cited by respondents.

A list of the top YouTube channels from the UAE (based on the number of subscribers) shows the extent of popularity of television and music related videos.

Channels based on programmes and reality shows by TV station MBC top the charts, with shows like The Voice Ahla Sawt and Arab Idol in the top 10. One of the uploads from MBC, an episode of Arabs Got Talent from February 2011, has more than 97 million views (to date).

Vloggers Huda Kattan and Hayla Ghazal are the only ‘YouTubers’ whose channels made it to the list. They cater to female audiences and their videos receive a large number of likes.

Top 10 YouTube Channels in the UAE

1. MBC Group

Number of subscribers: 3.7 million

Most viewed: Performance by Hala Al Turk in Arabs Got Talent, February 2011.


2. Arab Idol

Number of subscribers: 2.4 million

Most viewed: Performance by Mohammed Assef, June 2013.


3. MBC The Voice

Number of subscribers: 2.1 million

Most viewed: Ashoufak Wayne’s audition in the first season (Qusay Hatem), October 2012.


4. Arabs Got Talent

Number of subscribers: 1.2 million

Most viewed: Performance by Yasmina (from Egypt), December 2014.


5. Huda Beauty

Number of subscribers: 1.2 million

Most viewed: DIY blackhead removal tutorial, June 2015.



6. platinumrecordsmusic

Number of subscribers: 1.1 million

Most viewed: Happy Happy by Hala Al Turk, October 2013.


7. Hayla TV

Number of subscribers:  1 million

Most viewed: Comedy vlog on types of dances at weddings, April 2016.


9. MBC Egypt

Number of subscribers: 966k

Most viewed: Egypt theatre – you’re a teacher and you learn (play), September 2015.


9. AlArabiya

Number of subscribers: 935k

Most viewed: Nancy Ajram accused of parsimony, February 2013.


10. AlAanTV

Number of subscribers: 615k

Most viewed: Smartest goalkeeper in the world , November 2012.



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