Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting A Promotion
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Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting A Promotion

Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting A Promotion

Gulf Business lists the main factors holding you back from becoming the boss.


Despite the uncertain global economic climate, GCC economies are posting positive growth figures, most companies are reporting increased profits, and the general outlook for the region looks promising.

In such a scenario, promotions and pay-rises seem like the natural order of things. But many employees find that they are not given an opportunity to take the leap and become the boss. There are several reasons for this stagnation, according to experts.

“Understanding the business and how your role fits will make you 100 per cent more effective and help you stay ahead,” says Tricia Evans, freelance business coach and writer.

“But this also means taking charge of your personal life and controlling aspects such as taking time off, being late or using social media.

“Getting ahead also means working smarter rather than just being busy. As your work experience evolves, innovation on how you do things should also develop. Ask yourself how you can do your job better. Employers really do pay attention to such things,” Evans adds.

Here are some of the other top reasons why you may be stuck in your current role.

1. Not visible

Does your boss know your name? What about your boss’s boss? Do they know the big projects that you are currently undertaking? Do they know that you work late hours to make sure that you meet deadlines?

It is essential that you make your managers realise your worth. Make them aware of what an excellent employee you are and how much value you add to the company. Otherwise, you may just get sidetracked and lose the promotion that is due to you.

2. Not qualified for the role

You may have the right educational qualification for your present role, but to move up, you need to have that additional degree or training that can give you an edge.

Make sure to enroll in a relevant part-time or full-time course so that you can equip yourself with the rights skills to move up the corporate ladder.

3. Don’t go the extra mile

Working from 9.00am to 5.00pm is just not enough for most roles these days. Putting in a few extra hours to get the job done before time is sure to earn you brownie points from your boss.

But along with being proactive at work, undertaking non-work related initiatives, such as organising a fun day-out for your colleagues, will go a long way in displaying your leadership capabilities.

4. You haven’t asked for it

Doing a brilliant job is not a guarantee for a promotion. Unless you explicitly express your need to move ahead, your boss may assume that you are happy in your current role and don’t wish to take on additional responsibilities. Or he/she may just continue to take advantage of your talents without giving you what you deserve.

5. Don’t put your best into your current role

If you are working in your current job just to make money and don’t really care about it, your employer is going to find out. You need to feel passionate about your career and your company to ensure a bright future in both.

6. Negative attitude

Are you always grumbling about the last-minute task that was handed to you or the difficult clients who wont stop yelling? If you are grumpy at your desk and rarely smile, its unlikely that your managers will consider you capable of motivating and leading a team.

7. Dress inappropriately

Dressing in shorts and a tee may be comfortable and ‘cool’, but your formally-dressed boss may then believe that you are not yet leadership-material.

“We all make instant judgments of one another based upon how we look, speak, and behave,” says Marissa Woods, the CEO of style consultancy Image Factor.

“Sometimes, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, yet in business for sure, perception is reality and it is essential that we own the way we brand ourselves.”

8. You have no replacement

Sometimes being too good at your job can become a hurdle to climbing the corporate ladder. If you are the best secretary that your boss ever had, he/she is going to hesitate from letting you move. Especially if they cant find anybody else who is just as efficient.

The key is to try and find a replacement who is equally competent and then persuade your boss to make the switch.

9. Unfortunately, you have enemies

A sad but true fact is that many managers continue to discriminate among their subordinates and if you are on the wrong books of the people who matter, then you may never proceed up the hierarchy despite being the best employee in the firm.

While one option is to try and work out the differences with the manager who has a problem with you, the other is to just start looking for a new job.

10. Company/people are stagnating

Sometimes, not getting a promotion has nothing to do with you.

If all the positions above you are occupied and none of your bosses seem to be in a hurry to leave their jobs, the company may not be in a position to give you a better role.

It’s also possible that your firm is going through a rough financial phase and has suspended or cancelled all promotions temporarily.

Again in this case, you either need to tough it out and wait, or begin the hunt for a more suitable position.


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