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Timeline: The Apple iPhone From Origin To iPhone 5S

Timeline: The Apple iPhone From Origin To iPhone 5S

Gulf Business traces the lineage of the iPhone 5S back to its initial concept.


The seventh generation of Apple’s most celebrated product, the iPhone, has arrived and can be expected in the UAE before the end of the year.

But where does the iPhone 5S descend from? We take a look back at its ancestors and trace the lineage from the very first Apple iPhone.

The original

The first iPhone launched in June 2007 and with it, Apple released its first operating system, iOS 1.1.1. The handset was ground breaking using arguably the most effective touch-screen system to date.

The use of apps too and the ability to swipe through multiple screens was revolutionary, although six years on the handset now feels clunky and the screen dull – that’s if you can still find one.

The summer of 2007 really was the catalyst for Apple’s world dominance in the touch-screen market as three months later the company released the iPod touch.

iPhone 3G

New iPhone 3G Hits Stores Across U.S
In June 2008 Apple announced the iPhone 3G, releasing the phone a month later which was followed quickly by iOS 1.1.5.

Apple released iOS 2.2 before the end of the year.

iPhone 3GS

Apple's New 3GS iPhone Goes On Sales At Stores
Apple released the iPhone 3GS in June 2009. It used iOS 3.0 which had been issued a month earlier. Apple also released the iPod touch 3G later that year.

iPhone 4

Customers inspect the new Apple iPhone 4
Released in June 2010, the iPhone 4 was not the first big unveiling for Apple that year as it had launched the revolutionary iPad two months earlier.

Apple ended the year by releasing iOS 4.2.1.

iPhone 4s

The Californian company’s latest calendar date release of a phone, the iPhone 4s was unveiled in October 2011, following on from the iPad 2 earlier in the year.

Apple released iOS 5.0.1 in November.

The year also marked the end for some of the earlier models as Apple discontinued its iOS support for the iPhone 3G.

iPhone 5

Apple Poised to Sell 10 Million IPhones in Record Debut
Apple’s most recent phone…until yesterday. The iPhone 5 was unveiled in September 2012, the same month as iOS 6 was launched.

A busy year for Apple as it also released the iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini and the first launch of the Apple TV.

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