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This tool quickly captures LinkedIn leads in just one click

This tool quickly captures LinkedIn leads in just one click

Saphyte Sync allows users to automatically gather information from leads on LinkedIn

With the pandemic disrupting many industries, staying connected with customers has become a top priority for many businesses. Customers have moved online to look for products and services to suit their needs.

This observed change in pattern and customer behaviour represents a challenge to many companies to adapt to the “new normal.”

For Loyica, a Dubai-based tech company, offering businesses technological solutions is a way to help their partner SMEs remain responsive to the needs of their customers, especially when the needs of customers and the way they interact are quickly evolving.

“This is especially true when the online marketplace is becoming busier than ever. The increasing registration, subscription, and activities on social media sites are becoming a goldmine for many B2B companies. It should then be the top priority for companies to engage leads, make meaningful engagements, and close deals fast,” says Ali Homadi, Founder and CEO at Loyica.

Saphyte Sync
Loyica has recently launched Saphyte Sync, an additional feature to its CRM product Saphyte, which currently has more than 2,500 users.

The tool allows its users to automatically gather information from leads on LinkedIn such as the photo that they use, names, email address, company, phone number, country, and language used, as long as they are publicly available. The tool will then automatically transfer the information gathered to Saphyte’s platform.

“Saphyte Sync enables you to seamlessly create leads, prospects, and call lists directly from LinkedIn which helps accelerate sales productivity, nurture prospect accounts, and close more deals,” says Joshua Yates, sales director at Saphyte. “It’s a tool created by salespeople for salespeople.”

Saphyte is developed to streamline sales operations using its intuitive design, automation functions, and ability to process big data. The company claims that the software helps businesses shorten their sales cycles and achieve their sales goals by improving customer experience and reducing manual work for sales teams.

“It is imperative for businesses to make deep, personalised interactions with prospective clients and provide value to them at a time of turbulence. This customer-centric approach that Saphyte promotes helps establish loyalty and accelerate sales growth,” added Yates.

Partnership with SMEs
Loyica’s vision of assisting small entrepreneurs and SMEs in the region, at a time of a pandemic, made it decide to waive all implementation fees, set-up fees, and customer support fees for its users.

With seven more features expected to be added by the end of the year, Saphyte continues to develop and test more features inhouse to serve its users better.

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