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Dubai stock market up 5% , Saudi’s Tadawul climbs after oil price rally

Dubai stock market up 5% , Saudi’s Tadawul climbs after oil price rally

Professional social networking platform finds the words ‘organization’, ‘motivated’ and ‘dynamic’ to be the most-commonly used

United Arab Emirates employees are cluttering their LinkedIn profiles with buzzwords and common cliches that could be detrimental to their employment prospects, the platform has found.

The professional social network found the words ‘organization’, ‘motivated’ and ‘dynamic’ to be the most overused after assessing more than two million UAE users’ profiles.

LinkedIn, which launched an Arabic site last March, also found a saturation of the words ‘leadership’, ‘successful’, and ‘dedicated’, alongside the phrase ‘extensive experience’.

The platform has instead advised users to post samples of work or publish a post to sell their abilities rather than just simply using buzzwords.

LinkedIn MENA’s senior manager of marketing and public relations Nada Enan said: “Curating a LinkedIn profile should receive as much attention to detail and quality as creating one’s professional resumé. Buzzwords actually make our member profiles stand out for their lack of creativity and their uniformity.

“LinkedIn has consciously created the opportunities for our members to demonstrate their creativity, passion or successes by uploading images, documents, and links so that the profile is made richer and brought to life. We hope that our members in the UAE take this opportunity to set their professional profiles in order in 2016.”

LinkedIn currently has more than 17 million users from the Middle East and North Africa region and launched its first regional hub in Dubai just over three years ago.

LinkedIn’s top 10 most overused words in the UAE are as follows:

1) Organization

2) Motivated

3) Dynamic

4) Leadership

5) Track record

6) Creative

7) Strategic

8) Successful

9) Extensive experience

10) Dedicated


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