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The rise of fintech means investing is now at your fingertips

The rise of fintech means investing is now at your fingertips

New applications mean the stock market is no longer just the territory of brokers

When it comes to the world of trading shares, people often think of men in jackets shouting orders into phones on the floor of a stock exchange.

But with the development of financial technology, the days of brokers holding a monopoly on the stock market are now over.

Cities in the Gulf region are increasingly embracing innovative new start-ups and services, which are putting power into consumers’ hands like never before.

But while crowdfunding platforms, robo advisors and blockchain systems may be grabbing a lot of the attention, some of the biggest changes are happening in more traditional areas, where transactions that used to require a visit to a branch or a phone call are now at your fingertips.

Abu Dhabi-based international investment firm ADSS’s OREX platform is one such example.

The mobile trading app, which is available on Android, iOS and via traditional web browsers, provides a direct connection to the markets via your smartphone.

The platform was the first to be designed and built in the Middle East and North Africa region and, as a result, the first with full Arabic language functionality.

Customers can access more than 3,000 tradable instruments including currency pairs and over 2,200 CFDs.

Sophisticated training and education packages on the platform provide advice for new and experienced traders alike, while a desktop version is available for institutional and professional clients.

Whether you fall into the consumer or professional category though, you can enjoy access to primary and secondary market liquidity normally only available to institutional clients.

This and other innovative features, including the first cryptocurrency CFDs available in the MENA region, have made the platform popular with retail clients, banks, hedge funds and high net-worth private investors.

The latest generation of smartphone applications available to users in the GCC means the world of investing is truly in your pocket.

In OREX’s case, low latency trading is available regardless of where you are thanks to servers in London, New York, Tokyo and at the ADSS HQ in Abu Dhabi.

Add to this features including high-quality news feeds, economic calendars, advanced charting packages, APIs and robotic trading and clearly the future of trading is just an app download away.

With the development of financial technology only set to accelerate there has never been a better time to take control of your investments.

To download the OREX app click here


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