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The League of Legends World Championship to be held in China next month

The League of Legends World Championship to be held in China next month

The League of Legends 2020 World Championships would be held in Shanghai, from September 25 – October 31


Although the majority of tech events and e-sports competitions have been postponed or completely cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, League of Legends host, Riot Games, has decided to hold the game’s world championship in China next month.

The company announced that the League of Legends 2020 World Championships will be held in Shanghai from September 25 – October 31, with the finals held at the Pudong Football Stadium.

Riot Games says that that hosting the tournament in one place instead of several different sites will help it to better control the event.

It is yet to specify the specific measures it will take to protect the players participating in the championship.

However, the current plans indicate that there will be no in-person audiences in the qualifying rounds of the tournament. The organisers will rely on local Chinese guidelines to determine whether an audience will be allowed to attend the final rounds.

News that the gaming championship will be held comes despite the cancellation of the 2020 version of the famous E3 gaming fair in order to protect participants from the virus.

The same was the case with mega tech conferences such as the Mobile World Congress 2020 in February and Computex 2020 in June.

This story originally appeared on MENA Tech

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