Spinneys introduces its first food hall concept, The Kitchen
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The Kitchen: Spinneys introduces its first food hall concept

The Kitchen: Spinneys introduces its first food hall concept

The food hall, covering 4,950 square feet, is located on the Lower Ground Floor in Dubai Mall

Neesha Salian
The Kitchen by Spinneys

Spinneys has introduced its latest venture: its debut standalone food hall and dine-in outlet.

Located in Dubai Mall, The Kitchen by Spinneys offers a fresh dining experience for UAE food enthusiasts.

Covering 4,950 square feet on the Lower Ground Floor, it hosts culinary stations serving hot and cold dishes made using local and global ingredients.

With a focus on Italian, South Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisines, the menu, which is created by Spinneys’ in-house chefs, features more than 70 dishes.

The concept is envisioned as more than just a dining spot; it’s designed as a hub for food-centric gatherings and celebrations. Visitors can start their day with a shakshuka pot or a nutritious lunch like a turkey, mozzarella and pesto sandwich.

The hot food counter offers a diverse range, from creamy prawn red curry to comforting chicken kabsa. Additionally, there’s a made-to-order smoothie bar and a fresh sushi bar. For dessert, patrons can indulge in freshly baked pastries or premium gelato featuring 16 flavours.

More The Kitchen by Spinneys outlets planned

Spinneys CEO Sunil Kumar highlighted the market potential and the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.

“Seeing the high growth market opportunity presented by the food service market in the UAE, we are thrilled to further expand our food offering with The Kitchen by Spinneys concept. As with everything we do at Spinneys, this offering is a testament to quality ingredients, variety, and culinary innovation and we’re truly excited to add this offering to the vibrant city of Dubai,” he said.

A second outlet in Creek Harbour is in the pipeline, with plans for a third by year-end.

In other news, Spinneys’ shares soared on its trading debut on DFM on May 9, after the company raised $375m (Dhs1.38bn) from its initial public offering.

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