Telcos have lowest customer satisfaction in UAE – report
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Telcos have lowest customer satisfaction in UAE – report

Telcos have lowest customer satisfaction in UAE – report

Service Hero statistics show particular dissatisfaction with mobile phone operators


Mobile phone companies have among the lowest levels of customer satisfaction of any industry in the UAE, according to new data.

Independent consumer customer satisfaction index Service Hero has released its half-year results. The results analyse customer satisfaction levels across various sectors of the UAE economy, from January to June 2019.

Telcos were at the bottom in terms of levels of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction levels were reported at lower than 50 per cent, with the companies labelled “unheroic” for “not doing the bare minimum.”

Specific criticisms of telcos included high prices for services, rude/unhelpful staff, and taking too long to resolve customer issues, if they can be resolved at all. Some customers also complained of misleading promotions, such as mobile data speeds or how much data was being offered.

Also ranking lowly were Islamic banks. They, too, were ranked as having “unheroic” customer satisfaction levels.

Airlines, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, automobile dealerships, electronics retailers and apparel shops all ranked highly in the results, with more than 80 per cent satisfaction for providing “good service that the customer desires.”

Credit: Service Hero

Among individual companies in the results, Emirates and BMW ranked among the absolute highest in terms of satisfaction from consumers. Etisalat and du ranked among the absolute lowest.

More than 350 brands were assessed for the results. The overall average satisfaction score for all the brands and industries in the results was 77.6 per cent.


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