Tecom's D/Quarters introduces next-gen workspace solutions to Dubai
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Tecom’s D/Quarters introduces next-gen workspace solutions to Dubai

Tecom’s D/Quarters introduces next-gen workspace solutions to Dubai

As a collaborative community, D/Quarters will accommodate freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinational corporations

Neesha Salian
D/Quarters launched by TECOM

Dubai’s TECOM Group, which is home to 7,800 companies and over 100,000 professionals, has launched D/Quarters, a state-of-the-art co-working space for new businesses, freelancers and large corporations.

The co-working space is the latest in the solutions developed by TECOM Group that include in5, GoFreelance and Marketplace.

D/Quarters will leverage the increasing popularity of Dubai as a global hub for business and talent, enabling new business and professionals to easily adapt to the demands of the changing landscape of work while still providing them with a sense of “community”.

Best of both worlds

Abdulla Belhoul, CCO TECOM Group said: “D/Quarters caters to future-focused businesses, whether they are ambitious freelancers or large corporations expanding to the region, providing a high-tech ecosystem that accommodates their growth and connects them to an eclectic community of talent.

“For more than two decades, empowering talent has been at the heart of our group’s strategy. D/Quarters is part of our ongoing efforts to elevate Dubai’s global status and expand the scope of opportunities available here. Our goal is to provide game changers, independent thinkers and aspiring unicorns a space that allows them to thrive, innovate and collectively contribute to making Dubai an even stronger economic force and globally competitive business destination.”

Amenities on offer at D/Quarters

D/Quarters office
D/Quarters office

Members can avail many value-added services, including a smart app, high-tech amenities and flexible event spaces, as well as access to cafes, restaurants and retailers within walking distance.

Networking sessions, talks and community events held regularly will allow members to engage with fellow professionals. Members can also use the smart services portal axs, which offers over 200 corporate and government services.

D/Quarters, which is open 24/7, offers fixable payment schedules for members.

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