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A look at how organisations can implement a successful cybersecurity strategy

Zero trust is one of the most effective security approaches in today’s ever-changing threat landscape


Attention CISOs: Getting buy-in requires a solid business case

When positioning cybersecurity in the hybrid-work era, CISOs should characterise it as an enabler, no different than cloud computing itself

Zero trust: A vital component in the strengthening of hybrid-work capabilities

A zero trust defensive strategy aims to make the organisation’s network software-defined, boost resilience and flexibility, and combat modern-day threats

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Majority of organisations face gaps in their zero-trust implementations: survey

The survey also states that organisations struggle to consistently authenticate users and devices

Why cybersecurity is a matter of national security

It is time to stop relying on antiquated technologies designed to protect against threats from 20 years ago, and time to invest in cutting-edge prevention, detection and resilience solutions

UAE financial organisations under pressure to increase security – survey

Banks and FSIs come under pressure from government, shareholders, employees and customers as security risks increase during the pandemic