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World Green Economy Summit discussed role of youth in climate change

World Green Economy Summit discusses role of youth in climate change

The summit discussed topics related to the skill development of youth in global climate policies, ways to empower them and the role of the government in supporting them

DEWA and WGEO complete preparations for World Green Economy Summit

World Green Economy Summit to focus on energy, finance, food security

WGES is organised by DEWA, the World Green Economy Organization and the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy

DEWA to co-organise World Green Economy Summit; aims to fulfill climate change commitment

DEWA to co-organise eighth World Green Economy Summit in September

The summit represents UAE’s efforts to strengthen regional and international cooperation, achieve climate neutrality and accelerate transition to a green economy

How to rebuild a post-Covid-19 world: The ‘new normal’ is green

As the world recovers from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, sustainable policies and investments will help build a better future for generations to come