#Women Empowerment

Women returning to work could contribute $385bn to MENA region, shows study

Nearly half of working women in the MENA region have taken a career break, with over 68 per cent taking them at experienced levels and above, revealed the PwC study

Mamou Marianna, the head of Advice Beyond Investing at UBS Chief Investment Office, shares the impact of the global gender retirement gap and it its implications for the Middle East.

The global gender retirement gap and its regional impact

Another important consideration regarding pension allocation and savings for retirement is that women face a higher probability of retiring early

Tamakani milestones showcased by Aamer Sheikh PepsiCo CEO Middle East

How PepsiCo’s Tamakani initiative is empowering Saudi women

Aamer Sheikh, PepsiCo CEO Middle East, shares how the company’s women empowerment platform aims to support one million Saudi women by 2030

International Conference on Women, Peace and Security to be held in Abu Dhabi

The aim of the conference is to review the achievements and challenges relating to the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325

Emirati Women's Day

Emirati Women’s Day: A dreamer, believer, doer and achiever

From space, technology, business to government positions, Emirati women have secured key positions across the country, making their nation proud

Fazeela Gopalani

ACCA Middle East’s Fazeela Gopalani on the association’s mandate and ‘Women in Finance’

The head of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (Middle East) says everyone has a role in ensuring a level playing field for the next generation of leaders

Hanan Nagi is founder and CEO of HNI

Insights: Why women make good leaders

Women can use their innate characteristics to help create a workplace culture that will attract the best people, to build the teams that enable both them and their companies to thrive

Women’s Voice: Why the region need to see greater women participation in engineering

Although the number of STEM graduates are high in the Arab countries, it doesn’t necessarily translate to representation in the workforce

Women’s Voice: My successful journey in a male-dominated industry

We have not yet reached gender parity – women today are still under-leveraged and undervalued in the workforce, says Invesco’s Zainab Kufaishi