#UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme

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UAE unemployment insurance scheme October 1 deadline: Less than 24 hours remain to register

The deadline to subscribe to the government-mandated unemployment insurance scheme runs out in less than a day

UAE unemployment insurance scheme

UAE’s unemployment insurance deadline nears: Over 5.73 million subscribers so far

Beginning October 1, individuals eligible for the system who have not yet subscribed will incur a Dhs400 penalty

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UAE: MOHRE issues October 1 deadline warning for unemployment insurance scheme

A fine will apply on eligible employees who don’t sign up for the mandatory unemployment insurance scheme before the deadline

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UAE unemployment insurance scheme: How to apply before deadline

MoHRE’s deadline for eligible employees to subscribe to the unemployment insurance scheme is fast approaching

More than 250,000 subscribers sign up for unemployment scheme

UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme: More than 250,000 people register since Jan 1

The insurance scheme is valid for a period of 12 consecutive months from the date of registration, provided that the termination/unemployment is not for a disciplinary cause or by resignation

UAE's Unemployment Insurance Scheme kicks off on January 1

UAE’s Unemployment Insurance Scheme kicks off on January 1

Subscription fees depend on the employee’s basic salary and can be paid monthly, quarterly, once every six months, or annually

UAE unemployement insurance scheme

UAE Jobs: What you should know about the new Unemployment Insurance Scheme

The insured will be compensated with a cash amount for a specific period of time until they find another employment opportunity