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Adnoc private sector

ADNOC, Nafis to create 5,000 new private sector jobs

ADNOC Group has partnered with Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council to empower UAE talents to take leading roles in sustainable development of the industrial sector

Dubai municipality launches new platform for pvt sector investors

Dubai Municipality launches platform for private sector investors

The new platform provides a streamlined and transparent channel for the evaluation and approval of ideas and proposals

PIF unveils 3 private sector initiatives. Image by PIF

Saudi Arabia’s PIF unveils three initiatives to boost private sector growth

The strategy aligns with the fund’s aim to support the private sector in increasing its contribution to GDP by up to 65 per cent by 2030

UAE private sector companies must increase Emirati staff by 1% every six months

The new mechanism does not amend the annual targets, which require companies with 50 employees or more to achieve a 2 per cent increase in Emiratisation by end of the year

Abu Dhabi Chamber launches new strategy to boost economy

Abu Dhabi Chamber launches new strategy to boost economy

The chamber has focused on six strategic objectives, in its 2023-2025 strategy

MohRE emiratisation fines

UAE’s MoHRE fines companies failing to achieve Emiratisation targets for 2022

The value of the monthly financial contributions imposed on private sector entities will increase progressively at a rate of Dhs1,000 annually until the year 2026

UAE announces January 1 as holiday for private sector

UAE announces January 1 as holiday for private sector

Sunday, January 1, will be a paid leave for all employees operating across the country’s private sector

UAE unemployement insurance scheme

UAE Jobs: What you should know about the new Unemployment Insurance Scheme

The insured will be compensated with a cash amount for a specific period of time until they find another employment opportunity

UAE announces private sector holiday for Prophet’s birthday

Employees will be entitled to a day’s paid leave on Saturday, October 8

MoCCAE launches UAE Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge

UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment launches climate action ‘pledge’ for private sector

Signatories will intensify their efforts to combat climate change, by measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions, among other steps

NAFIS..Your way launched for private sector_e1561968486666

‘NAFIS..Your Way’ campaign launched to support Emirati talent in private sector

The campaign will highlight Emiratis across the UAE working in technology, engineering, consulting, financial services and healthcare

Eid Al Adha 2022: UAE announces holidays for federal govt, private sector employees

The first day of Eid Al Adha will fall on Saturday, July 9

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to use oil windfall to boost private sector

Saudi Arabia’s posted a $15.3bn budget surplus in the first quarter

Private, public sector across UAE to remain closed for three days, starting May 14

Work in federal, local and private entities across the country will resume on Tuesday, May 17

UAE leads Arab World in IMD World Talent Ranking 2022

UAE’s unemployment benefits scheme applicable to all public and private sector employees

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation will play a central role in this scheme to protect labour rights

Eid holidays

Eid Al Fitr 2022: Holidays declared for private sector employees in UAE

They will either receive a four- or five-day weekend contingent on the sighting of the moon which will indicate the end of Ramadan

Ramadan 2022: Private sector working hours announced in UAE

The reduced hours will be applicable throughout the holy month of Ramadan


New UAE labour law for private sector goes into effect

The new law covers over 4.9 million private sector employees across the country

New UAE weekend: Private sector companies can decide whether to make a change

The UAE on Tuesday announced a new four-and-a-half-day working week for federal government entities

Dubai’s Expo spurs tourism, boosting UAE business activity

A Purchasing Managers’ Index compiled by IHS Markit rose to 55.7 in October from 53.3 in September

Covid cases today

Covid-19: Oman waives several fines to support the private sector

The Supreme Committee has also warned that authorities will shut down any establishments found in breach of the precautionary measures

UAE: Driving net-zero aspirations with public-private partnership support

Engaging the private sector, public sector, and all other stakeholders is imperative

Projects of the 50: UAE aims to create 75,000 private sector jobs for Emiratis

Several incentives have been unveiled to encourage UAE nationals to join the private sector including salary top-ups and unemployment benefits

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Sheikh Mohammed establishes new council in Dubai to increase Emirati participation in private sector

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori will chair the Emirati Human Resources Development Council

Abu Dhabi’s Sharaka initiative settles all private sector dues from the government in Q1    

The platform enables private companies based in Abu Dhabi to file complaints and address grievances regarding outstanding dues

UAE salary

UAE to raise employee insurance premium for companies failing to pay salaries on time

The employee insurance policy coverage will be increased from Dhs120 to Dhs250 for companies that do not pay salaries on the due date

Private sector ramadan 2021

Ramadan 2021: Timings for UAE private sector employees announced

There will be an official reduction of two hours for private sector employees in the UAE


Kuwait eases visa transfer restrictions for expats

The new decision allows expat government employees and those on dependent visas to transfer to jobs in the private sector

national day parade emaar properties

UAE announces National Day holidays for public and private sectors

Work will resume on Sunday, December 6

Saudi non-oil private sector business activity improves to highest in 8 months

However, employment numbers dropped at the fastest rate since June