Aster Pharmacy and GD Assist

Aster Pharmacy, GD Assist to set up pharmacies in Bangladesh

GD Assist plans to open and operate a minimum of 25 stores located in high streets, communities and shopping malls in Bangladesh over a period of three years

Abu Dhabi pharmacies to give Covid vaccine and PCR tests

Abu Dhabi pharmacies will offer free Covid vaccines and Dhs40 PCR tests

Several pharmacies have successfully completed courses certified by DoH to administer these vaccinations

Health chain Aster plans $400m bond, India expansion

Aster is expanding across India, looking to open at least four hospitals there in the next four years

Revealed: All the places that have reopened in the UAE so far

As coronavirus restrictions are lifted, these are the venues that have been allowed to reopen in the country

Certain food stores allowed to operate in Dubai, outlets fined for inflating face mask prices

Meat, fruits, vegetables, roaster, mills, fish, coffee, tea trading stores can stay open from morning to night

UAE law allowing 100% foreign ownership now in force

The law establishes ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ lists of sectors open to more than 49 per cent foreign investment