#Oman Investment Authority

Oman’s sovereign wealth fund boosts assets to $41.5bn

The fund now manages over OMR16bn of assets in 40 countries and has achieved an annual average return of 10.3 per cent

ADQ and OIA to explroe investment opportunities

UAE’s ADQ, Oman’s OIA identify investment opportunities worth Dhs30bn

ADQ and OIA recently entered into a Dhs10bn partnership agreement to facilitate investments between the UAE and Oman across sectors of common interest

Oman is more than halfway towards meeting its financing needs for 2021

The government has OMR1.83bn left to raise after so far borrowing OMR1.77bn and withdrawing OMR600m from the Oman Investment Authority

Oman shifts wealth funds into new entity with $17bn assets

All government companies, except Petroleum Development Oman and the nation’s international investments, will fall under the new entity