Sultan AlNeyadi

UAE celebrates homecoming of Sultan AlNeyadi following space mission

The astronaut was received with a grand reception attended by the country’s leadership, AlNeyadi’s family as well as senior ministers and dignitaries

Moon south pole

Pragyaan Rover rolls out of Lander Vikram: First images from Moon’s south pole

Operating under frigid temperatures, the mission will now grapple with unknown conditions and strange lunar topography

Nokia Moon Mission

An inside look at Nokia’s moon mission

For the first time, Nokia is digging into the details of its lunar mission and explaining its reasons for voyaging to the Moon

Rashid Rover

UAE’s Rashid rover to land on Moon on April 25

The rover is currently orbiting the Moon at an altitude of about 100km at the perilune and about 2,300 km at the apolune

Rashid rover

UAE’s Rashid rover enters moon’s orbit

The iSpace lander carrying the rover executed the lunar orbit insertion manoeuvre on March 21

UAE's Hope Probe to move to new orbit to study Mars' smaller moon, Deimos

UAE’s Hope Probe to move to new orbit to study Mars’ smaller moon, Deimos

Deimos is the smaller and outermost of Mars’ two natural satellites

Emirates Lunar Mission to launch on December 1

Upon landing, the Rashid rover will explore the characteristics of the lunar soil

First Emirati mission to the Moon will now launch on November 30

The new launch date remains contingent on the weather status and other conditions

First Emirati mission to the Moon set to launch on November 28

Upon landing, the Rashid rover will explore the characteristics of the lunar soil, the petrography and geology of the Moon

NASA flight to moon

NASA’s return to the moon starts with critical test flight

The objective is to demonstrate the Orion capsule can be safely launched and recovered before an attempt is made with a human crew

grand mosque

Eid Al Fitr to begin on Thursday in the UAE

The Shawwal crescent was not sighted in the UAE on Tuesday and therefore, Wednesday, May 12, will be the last day of Ramadan

UAE partners with Japan for mission to send ‘Rashid’ rover to the moon

The Emirates Lunar Mission is one of the initiatives under the Mars 2117 Programme, which aims to build a human colony on Mars