#Meydan Racecourse

Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup 2024: Laurel River takes home $12m prize

Laurel River stormed towards the finish line, eclipsing the previous winning margin record set by Dubai Millennium in 2000


Dubai World Cup 2024: Watch live stream from Meydan Racecourse

Elite horses from around the globe vie for victory at the one of the world’s richest horse race

The 2023 Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup closing ceremony: 4000 drones and fireworks on display

The Dubai World Cup provides a truly global stage upon which the best horses in the world come to compete every year


All you need to know about the Dubai World Cup: Races, stakes, and dress code

A highlight in the sporting and social calendar, this meet is considered one of the world’s most spectacular race days

Saudi Cup is world’s richest horse race with $20m prize money: Interesting facts to know

The Saudi Cup attracts over 70 international horses from diverse corners of the globe, ranging from Argentina to Japan