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Running on empty: Are you ready for the burnout crisis?

As organisations confront the existential challenge of burnout amidst the perma-crisis of 2024, it is imperative for businesses to prioritise employee well-being

How LVL is promoting mental health

World Mental Health Day: How LVL Wellbeing is prioritising mental health

The platform is at the forefront of giving its team the tools to prioritise their wellbeing whether it is at work, or during their free time

mental health

How to get support for mental health challenges

Mental health services are able to provide guidance on how to develop healthy habits that can help you positively manage daily stressors

How mental health at workplaces must be addressed in the new normal

Businesses that aren’t doing enough to re-think their mental well-being strategies, do so at their own peril

Emirates health services signs MOU with J&J

Emirates Health Services, Johnson & Johnson partner to boost healthcare sector

The agreement will support public awareness programmes and campaigns covering various diseases, such as obesity and cancer, and mental health

Workplace dynamics: Steps regional employers must take to boost productivity in hybrid environments

Focusing on well-being and social connectivity will help employees recover faster from the Covid-19 crisis

Why setting up a business in UAE is worth it

Setting up a business may be cumbersome but it is highly rewarding too

Five reasons for disliking your work and solutions to fixing it

While there may be several reasons for anxiety and dissatisfaction at the workplace, it is imperative to find sustainable solutions