#Large language models

OpenAI Chat GPT-4o

GPT-4o: OpenAI unveils new AI model as race heats up

Paid users of GPT-4o will have greater capacity limits than the company’s free users

WealthArc solution for wealth managers Image supplied

New AI tool targets helping GCC wealth managers

This solution leverages advanced neuro-symbolic AI to offer family offices and wealth managers a new level of control and understanding of their data

DeepFest 2024: World’s premier AI event returns to Riyadh

DeepFest returns to Riyadh: A glimpse into the future of AI

The event features seminars and discussions on AI policy and governance, AI ethics and regulation, GenAI, robotics, and AI and the future of work


Interview: SAS harnesses generative AI to provide industry solutions

SAS is researching the application of large language models to industry problems with a focus on delivering trusted and secure results to customers

Meta's Llama 2 model released

Meta unveils AI chatbot Llama 2 for commercial use via Microsoft

The partnership aligns Meta more closely with Microsoft, which has emerged as the clear leader in AI