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Unemployment insurance scheme_MOHRE

UAE Unemployment Insurance scheme: Know the policy claim companies

The UAE government has signed an agreement with nine local companies to operate and fund the unemployment insurance scheme

UAE jobs

New UAE labour law for private sector goes into effect

The new law covers over 4.9 million private sector employees across the country

UAE’s new labour law to largely align public and private sector benefits

Under the new law, employees in both sectors will get similar leaves and end-of-service benefits

Oman to impose higher visa fees for employing foreign nationals

The most significant increases will apply to top/senior level, middle level and technical and specialised roles

Saudi Arabia reforms labour law; grants foreign workers greater rights

New reforms will come into effect in March 2021

UAE first Arab country to grant paternal leave to private sector employees

Private companies are mandated to give their male staff paid paternal leave for a period of five working days

Kuwait city

Kuwaiti MPs reject draft law allowing private sector firms to cut salaries by up to 50%

Kuwaiti lawmakers have approved amendments to the rent law, allowing tenants to delay their rent payments