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uae rain - flood - cloud seeding

Did cloud seeding cause UAE floods? Here’s what scientists say

Climate change linked to global warming is the more obvious answer for the UAE floods say scientists who have been studying changing weather patterns

temperature - 1.5 degrees C

Global temperatures cross 1.5 degrees C threshold over 12 months

Every month since June 2023 has been the world’s hottest on record, compared with the corresponding month in previous years


The case for decarbonising the built sector

Circularity has the potential to create substantial economic advantages, with projected yield on annual net profit gain of up to $46bn by 2030

heat - hot areas image credit Getty Images

How heat fueled extreme weather across the world in 2023

Large swathes of North America, Europe and China saw heatwaves and blistering temperatures that triggered public health warnings


$9bn boost for nations worst-hit by climate change

Over two-thirds of the Global Fund’s funding, will be spent on countries that have been the most impacted by climate change, the organisation has announced at COP28


Daily Insider: All eyes on COP28 as climate crisis worsens

With the COP28 UAE summit kicking off in Dubai today, the world’s eyes will be laser focused on the outcomes of this gathering.

hurricane season upon us

Fires, hurricanes, dangerous heat: The US is reeling from a string of disasters

Two tropical storms and one post-tropical cyclone are currently churning across the Atlantic Ocean in an intense start to the most active part of hurricane season

Canada's Record Wildfire Season Set to Worsen as Heat Builds

Raging wildfires trigger mass evacuation in Canada’s Northwest Territories

Canada is experiencing the worst wildfire season on record with more than 1,000 active fires burning across the country

Temperatures are rising and hot areas create extreme drought conditions. Image credit: WMO

Monday was the hottest day ever as global temperatures rise

The new high underscores the extreme temperatures this summer in the northern hemisphere, and brings into focus the slow pace of progress on curbing emissions

heat - hot areas image credit Getty Images

One in three people will live in dangerously hot areas by 2080

Global warming will create hot areas which will witness heat-related deaths, lower crop yields, spread of infectious diseases and more negative impacts

What happens after warming hits 1.5C? A guide to climate overshoot

What happens after warming hits 1.5C? A guide to climate overshoot

Prompted by the Paris Agreement, scientists in 2018 published a major report finding that an additional half-degree Celsius of warming considerably upped the odds of harsher climate impacts

Kuwait discusses steps to lower emissions as temperatures rise

Kuwait has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 7.4 per cent by 2035

How the loss of biodiversity requires relevance and attention

Biodiversity and climate change are deeply connected by the simple fact that our economy relies on natural capital

Warmest oceans on record add to hurricanes, wildfires risks

Worldwide, sea temperatures were 1.49 degrees Fahrenheit above average in March which is the second highest level recorded since 1880 for the month of March, according to US data