Insights: Greening the desert through regenerative farming

Insights: Greening the desert through regenerative farming

We should take our lead from the regenerative farmers who have started reversing soil damage by understanding exactly what’s needed for each complex landscape and ecosystem under their guardianship

Green Corp

Bahrain’s agribusiness platform Green Corp takes a stake in Badia Farms

Established in 2016, Badia Farms’ sustainable farming techniques produce fruits and vegetables without sunlight or soil

World of Farming

UAE venture builder hatch & boost launches agritech startup World of Farming

World of Farming is introducing a first-of-its-kind hydroponic fodder farming methodology for the meat and dairy industry to the Middle East market

Elad Levi, Netafim

Driving the future of farming with innovation

Irrigation technology centres on delivering water and nutrients to plants in a precise and efficient manner, enabling optimal growing conditions and higher yields with minimum use of resources

Abu Dhabi looks to desert and space farming to boost food supply

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office will spend about $41m with other companies to develop technologies for producing food in arid conditions