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Kim Fausing President and CEO of Danfoss tell us why we must double down on energy efficiency to honor the Paris Agreement

Insights: Why we must double down on energy efficiency to honour Paris Agreement

We need to double the rate of energy efficiency progress and triple total renewable power capacity to impact climate change

energy efficiency

How important is it for businesses to prioritise energy efficiency?

It is vital to help stakeholders across the industry understand that we need to invest to reach net zero, says Ahmed Radwan, lead business manager – MEA – Motion Business at ABB

Air pollution costs wider Mideast $141bn, World Bank says

The findings will likely add to growing interest in green and sustainability-linked bonds and loans in the region

The need to build low-carbon, energy-saving data centres in the Middle East

Energy conservation and sustainable development are now key drivers of the data centre industry’s development, says Huawei’s Sanjay Kumar Sainani

Why this region must adopt energy efficient solutions to drive a sustainable future

ABB’s technologies can reduce energy use in industry, buildings and transport, reveals Ahmed Radwan, MEA business lead at ABB Motion