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ADGM introduces the world’s first DLT Foundations Regime

This newly implemented legislative structure is designed to provide a comprehensive framework for DLT Foundations and decentralised autonomous organisations

Huawei cybersecurity

Huawei joins industry leaders in Baku to address cybersecurity challenges

Top cybersecurity experts from the Middle East and Central Asia convene at an exclusive roundtable alongside GSMA M360 EURASIA 2023 Conference

Data Analytics

How digital assets are revolutionising financial data analytics

Data analysis can reveal interesting trends that the average investor is unlikely to spot and interpret

Dubai's VARA introduces regulations for 2023_Dubai-Media-Office-twitter

Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority issues regulations for 2023

As the authority providing VA oversight across Dubai with the exception of DIFC, VARA facilitates VA-associated economic stability, investor protection, and jurisdictional resilience

Virtual assets Emmanuel Givanakis CEO of ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority

Insights: Decoding the virtual asset landscape

The establishment of digital asset and virtual asset regulatory frameworks has placed Abu Dhabi, on the map as a regional and global virtual assets trading centre

Bentley to launch NFT

Luxury automaker Bentley announces launch of exclusive, sustainable NFT

The NFT, which is being minted on Polygon, is scheduled for a September launch and limited to just 208 pieces

Crypto trading

Crypto trading volume tumbled in June to the lowest since 2020

The drop-off in trading volume has taken place across many platforms, including Binance, OKX and FTX


Digital asset exchange Coinmena receives provisional licence from Dubai’s VARA

This will allow it to continue operating in Dubai while it completes the in-depth process of applying for a licence, as required by VARA

Here’s what digitising the real estate space entails

Technological innovations in digital assets, blockchain, and NFTs are expected to transform the real estate asset, making it more liquid, accessible and digital