LEAP 2024

LEAP 2024: AWS, IBM, Dell and other tech firms commit massive $11.9bn in investments

The announcement underscores Saudi Arabia’s position as a growing tech powerhouse in the region

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HP buys Poly in $3.3bn remote-work gear deal

HP aims to tap a growing need for technology that connects remote workers to office staff

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Worldwide PC shipments declined 5% in last quarter of 2021: Gartner

The top three vendors in the worldwide PC market remained unchanged in the fourth quarter of 2021, with Lenovo maintaining the top spot in shipments

Skin in the game: brands gain from gaming boom

Here’s why the sales of gaming equipment have soared in recent months

Unfit devices impact productivity in remote work: Dell study

Study finds employees have no access to right kind of monitors at home

Responsible AI

Revealed: Top 10 tech executives in the MENA region

Technologies such as AI are shifting the way the world works, with the Middle East region striving to be at the forefront of this new era. As public and private sector organisations embark on digital transformation strategies, we highlight the regional executives leading this technological revolution