How cloud technology is driving innovation in GCC banking sector

How cloud technology is driving innovation in GCC banking sector

The cloud allows banks to launch new products and services quickly and easily, such as mobile apps and digital wallets

Cybercrime laws Image Getty Images

UAE data laws: Cybercrime offenders to face up to 5 years in prison, huge fines

This is according to Article 8 of Federal Decree Law no. 34 of 2021, on combatting rumours and cybercrimes

Ministry of Economy signs MoU with Presight to enhance UAE's attractiveness to FDI & support private sector partnership

UAE Ministry of Economy signs MoU with Presight to drive FDI

Presight will work with the ministry to attract foreign direct investments to new sectors in the UAE, by deploying big data, analytics and AI in education, healthcare, infrastructure and financial services


The untold truth about startup failures: What most entrepreneurs don’t know

Some of the most obvious hurdles are cash flow issues, a lack of research and ineffective marketing

How hospitals can leverage data-driven video technology

How hospitals can leverage data-driven video technology

Innovations in the industry have increased opportunities and possibilities of videos and how people and the government can use them


How SAS is empowering customers to transform data into intelligence

Data and analytics can help organisations create competitive advantages and drive innovation


Privacy-by-design can be a source of value and opportunity, not cost

In 2023, expect privacy technology to undergo significant standardisation

Easa Al Gurg

Power Letters 2023: Easa Al Gurg, group CEO, Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group

ESAG2025 is the road map for the group’s future, focusing on diversity and intrapreneurship

Power Letters 2023: Nabil Habayeb, SVP – GE, President and CEO – GE International Markets

January 2023 will start with the creation of GE HealthCare, a company which will drive precision health to improve patient outcomes

How to create a ‘data-driven’ organisation

To grow efficiently and build a brand, it is essential to learn how businesses can leverage the gathered data


The key elements of robust data security in healthcare

Healthcare is one of the key industries targetted for data breaches and last year saw the greatest number of incidents, with 45 million people affected globally

autonomous Data

Autonomous data management: A golden future for data

When autonomous data management takes over, artificial intelligence can enable proactive decision making and policy application at a much more granular level

Data employees

How to protecting your company’s data when employees leave

A new wave of intelligent data classification solutions greatly improves both visibility and accuracy

Bitcoin rally loses momentum as expectations for Fed shift eases

Bitcoin, the largest digital coin by market value, dipped as much as 2.9 per cent on Wednesday

Data storage

Insights: The data storage behind smart and safe cities

While adoption of digital technologies have brought a new era of progress, it can sometimes be hard for the untrained eye to recognise innovations in every-day life

Keeping up with the future of finance

Financial businesses should use a platform to manage their data to keep up with the technological advancements they are currently, or gradually planning on, implementing

UAE companies Fuel

Fuel reimbursement expenses for UAE companies increase by 38% – report

Travel reimbursements have also seen steady month on month increase with peaks in May and June this year

How martech stacks can help your company

Insights: How a martech stack can benefit your company

Using data-driven insights, marketing teams can optimise their efforts throughout the customer journey, making communication ever-more personalised and effective at channelling leads into prospects

Seamless flow of data underpins IT modernisation initiatives

Research by Gartner has found that customer experience drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, outperforming price and brand combined

Oil sinks again on recession concerns and rising US stockpiles

West Texas Intermediate fell below $98 a barrel and has shed about 10 per cent so far this week

RTA approves strategic plan 2023-2030 aligned with Dubai Urban Plan 2040

Dubai’s RTA finalises data investment master plan, aims to sell data to boost revenues

The project includes creating an operational model to maximise return on investment from the use of RTA’s data while protecting the confidentiality of data

GDPR data

Four tips on robust compliance for UAE businesses in the age of GDPR

A new approach to data management is required – one that makes compliance easier and delivers advanced security while removing data silos

Data environmental

Three ways data is helping industrial companies to achieve environmental KPIs

When aggregated and contextualised, data can help unlock sustainability dividends on the road to our common net-zero targets

Gartner privacy 2024

Top five privacy trends to protect personal data challenges through 2024

By 2024, 75 per cent of the global population will have its personal data covered under privacy regulations

Atos VMware partnership

Atos, VMware extend strategic partnership to help organisations derive value from data

Companies expand partnership to help meet customers’ data sovereignty and interoperability needs, and align with Gaia-X principles

Six steps for businesses to become data-driven

It is essential to eliminate the instilled idea that data has a place with only one specified group

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Gartner unveils top 10 government technology trends for 2022

CIOs should consider these trends to guide digital investments, anticipate potential disruption, and scale digital transformation initiatives

Oil extends biggest gain this year as Powell sparks broad rally

Oil has roared higher in the opening days of the new year as concerns about the pandemic, especially the impact of the omicron variant, have eased off

Growing your startup – what would a good COO advise?

For a business to grow, it needs to have a data-driven culture

85% of job seekers in UAE feel their roles can be performed remotely – survey

Nearly 21 per cent of job applicants also said that they had relocated since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic