How dealmakers in Middle East are enhancing M&A strategies

How dealmakers in Middle East are enhancing M&A strategies

Dealmakers and their advisers are including insurance on their agenda just as much as the traditional corporate risk manager


How Dragos is protecting the industrial control systems and infrastructure

Dragos highlights how cyberattacks on critical national infrastructure are on the rise, with hacking groups targeting critical industries such as energy and power, and utilities

Cybersecurity Mimecast

Cybersecurity attack: It all begins with an email, says Mimecast

In an exclusive interview, Werno Gevers, regional manager at Mimecast Middle East, discusses their newly released security report and how businesses can improve their security posture

Here’s how to protect your brand against impersonation attacks

Changes in the threat landscape require that the strategy must extend beyond the traditional perimetre-orientated defence says Werno Gevers, regional manager, Mimecast

Data Security cyberattacks

Over 85% of Saudi organisations attribute cyberattacks to vulnerable technology

Sixty-seven per cent of security leaders said their exposure to cyber risk increased as a result of moving business-critical functions to the cloud

Here’s why smartphone software updates matter

Understanding software vulnerabilities is imperative and updates should no longer be considered a necessary evil or something to be done at leisure

UAE financial organisations under pressure to increase security – survey

Banks and FSIs come under pressure from government, shareholders, employees and customers as security risks increase during the pandemic


Rethinking security with Identity Detection & Response (IDR)

IDR features the ability to detect credential theft and privilege misuse and attacks on active directory and risky entitlements that create attack paths


Phishing attacks cost US businesses $14.8m annually: Ponemon Institute

Business email compromise and ransomware attacks prove most costly phishing threats to large businesses

Home security

Weaponised operational tech to harm or kill humans: Gartner

Organisations can reduce risk by implementing a security control framework

Data Security cyberattacks

Cyberattacks on UAE small businesses up 183% in 2020 – report

Help AG says that these attacks, known as Distributed Denial of Service, have affected businesses across sectors including oil, healthcare and telecom

Gonzalo Usandizaga

Why businesses within the Middle East need to guard against a “new normal” wave of cyberattacks

While cybersecurity systems in place may have been enough before the pandemic, companies need to reassess their frameworks in light of this increased stress to ensure business continuity