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UAE Corporate Tax deadline ends today: How to register and file

The FTA said fines would begin to apply to those who do not comply with the requirements to submit Corporate Tax registration applications before the specified deadlines


Corporate Tax flash for Free Zone persons and companies: FTA’s new guidelines

Businesses operating in UAE free zones must review the FTA’s latest guidelines to ensure compliance and take advantage of the 0 per cent corporate tax rate on qualifying income

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UAE corporate tax: Deadline alert

New corporate tax deadlines for businesses to start in May. Here’s what you need to know

UAE free zone corporate tax - OECD

UAE announces new Corporate Tax registration deadlines: What businesses need to know

Failure to comply with the tax deadlines could result in hefty fines

Here’s what Dubai’s new 20% tax regime for foreign banks means

Here’s what Dubai’s new 20% tax regime for foreign banks means

The new tax regime clarifies that the headline 9 per cent corporate tax will be creditable against the emirate-level tax on foreign banks

Dubai ruler imposes 20% tax on foreign banks

Sheikh Mohammed issues law imposing 20% tax on foreign banks in Dubai

Foreign banks that violate the law face a stiff penalty of not more than Dhs500,000

UAE free zone corporate tax - OECD

UAE Free Zone Corporate Tax regime earns OECD’s ‘non-harmful’ recognition

The evaluation of the UAE’s Free Zone Corporate Tax regime was part of the OECD’s comprehensive review of taxation regimes worldwide

How dealmakers in Middle East are enhancing M&A strategies

How dealmakers in Middle East are enhancing M&A strategies

Dealmakers and their advisers are including insurance on their agenda just as much as the traditional corporate risk manager

Virtuzone allots over Dhs50m to get businesses tax-ready

Virtuzone allocates over Dhs50m to get businesses tax-ready

The company will provide SMEs with free corporate tax registration, free accounting services, and compliance guarantee

UAE MoF announces penalties for Corporate tax violations -Photo-courtesy WAM

UAE announces penalties for corporate tax violations

Under Cabinet Decision No (75) of 2023, penalties will be imposed on taxable persons who do not comply with the UAE corporate tax law effective from August 1

FTA Director General Khalid Ali Al Bustani

Corporate tax: FTA launches corporate tax workshop platform

The new feature forms part of the steps the FTA has taken to ensure a smooth implementation of the corporate tax law

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Corporate tax: UAE exempts free zones from business tax

The government said qualifying entities in the country’s economic free zones will be subject to a 0 per cent rate

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Corporate Tax: MoF issues 3 new decisions, includes rules for determining taxable income

The new decisions will help determine taxable income in addition to providing tax relief for intra-group transfer of assets or liabilities between members of the same qualifying group

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Corporate tax: UAE announces rules on tax grouping and interest capping

The decision further clarifies the conditions under which UAE resident entities that are 95 per cent or more commonly owned can form or join a tax group and be treated as a single entity

Armin Moradi - Co-Founder & CEO at Qashio on importance of accounting automation for corporate tax Image credit Qashio

The importance on accounting automation in UAE’s corporate tax era

Businesses must assess their finance technology stack to check if the tools can effectively manage the new processes required and if the systems in place integrate efficiently to allow for seamless automation

Corporate tax transitional rules-Photo-courtesy-WAM

UAE corporate tax: MoF issues transitional rules for businesses

The decision applies to immovable property, intangible assets, financial assets and financial liabilities held by businesses before the corporate tax law comes into effect on June 1

MoF issues Ministerial decisions related to corporate tax Photo WAM

UAE corporate tax: MoF issues 3 new ministerial decisions

According to the ministry, the three new decisions aim to enhance the flexibility of UAE’s corporate tax regime and ensure a supportive business environment for all sectors

M&A and Corporate Tax insights

Navigating M&A transactions, restructurings in the face of UAE’s corporate tax 

Buyers will need to evaluate the tax status of the target company or target assets and consider whether any restructuring is required to optimise tax efficiency

Corporate tax prep for SMEs Lorenzo Jooris Image credit Creative Zone

Is your SME ready for the corporate tax regime?

Here’s how to ensure your SME is set to deal with the advent of UAE’s corporate tax from June

UAE corporate tax exempt

UAE corporate tax: Ministry issues decision on exemptions

The decision aims to clarify the application of the corporate tax regime for individuals and ensures that only business income is taxed


UAE corporate tax: FTA opens registration for public stock and private companies

The authority explained that early corporate tax registration will allow enough time for companies and businesses to comply with their legal obligations

UAE to offer corporate tax relief to ‘public benefit’ entities

Organisations that qualify for the exemption include entities that focus on activities such as philanthropy, community services and corporate social responsibility

UAE corporate tax exemptions

UAE reveals list of entities exempted from corporate tax

The Ministry of Finance said government entities, government-controlled entities as well as extractive businesses are exempted from corporate tax

UAE new corporate tax

UAE to offer corporate tax relief to small businesses

The tax relief seeks to support startups and other small businesses by reducing their corporate tax burden and compliance costs

VAT and accounting insights by Dr. Jeannette Vinke FCA, COO of the American University of Sharjah

Insights: How implementing VAT helped UAE’s accounting sector

The evolving landscape will require chartered accountants to steer the ship, bring clarity to the process and ensure compliance with regulations and policies

UAE Ministry of finance to hold corporate tax awareness sessions

UAE Ministry of Finance launches Corporate Tax Public Awareness Programme

The programme will feature a series of sessions to raise awareness of the corporate tax law amongst the business community and its implications for the national economy

UAE issues corporate tax law

The country’s corporate tax regime will levy a standard rate of 9 per cent on taxable profits exceeding Dhs375,000

UAE's progress on tax compliance

Insights: The UAE’s progress in meeting OECD international tax standards

A more solid, practical, and transparent fiscal system, combined with a new approach to alternative revenues, is helping the UAE strengthen its position as an attractive and competitive hub for international business and investment

UAE corporate tax: Key elements to consider

The UAE will likely continue to attract highly qualified individuals into the country

How the UAE’s new corporation tax will benefit businesses in the region

Overall, the tax rate will be a big win for the region’s businesses