Stay competitive in a chaotic 2024: Here’s how to build corporate resilience

Navigating a dynamic global economy requires a proactive strategy that not only helps endure disruptions but empowers firms to stay resilient in adversity

Are you easily distracted or impatient? why technology could be the reason

Insights: Are you easily distracted and impatient? Technology could be the real reason

While technology offers wider connections, the quantity of these associations leaves people feeling qualitatively empty


Alan’s corner: Conflict resolution

The key to successful conflict resolution is always communication

Alan O'Neill - 100 days

Alan’s corner: Tips to make a partnership work

Communication is central to the success of any partnership

Better benefits can give UAE firms an edge in global battle for talent

Better benefits can give UAE firms an edge in global battle for talent

Workplace savings, unemployment insurance, and education allowances are among the top benefits sought by employees

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Effective strategies and leadership skills go a long way

How to eliminate the one-man approach with a ‘whole system’ model

Creating a new whole system management model will increase the value of the company

How an agitated state of mind leads to decreased productivity

With communication exponentially rising, managers end up discussing work, rather than focusing on doing work

Circumventing IP address with malicious intent now punishable offence in UAE

Violators will face stiff penalties, including imprisonment and a financial fine

Mobile Phone

UAE telecom subscribers pegged at 21.808 million at the end of August

Pre-paid mobile phone subscriptions totalled 13.107 million, while post-paid mobile phone subscriptions stood at 3.578 million at the end of August

How leaders should make their team feel during testing times

True leaders must understand the expectations of their employees and create a closer working relationship

Message from regional marketing leaders: Time to be seen

Senior regional marketers from across various industries reveal why and how brands must communicate in the current situation

How to adapt your marketing plan during a pandemic

Serial entrepreneur and leadership trainer Spencer Lodge speaks to Tom Otton, managing partner at Create Media Group, on how brands can enhance their communications strategy during a pandemic

The importance of sending out the right message this Ramadan

Brands that traditionally see increased business during Ramadan should maintain increased communication with their consumers during the current crisis