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Responsible AI

Why a responsible AI agenda should start with the CEO

A robust responsible AI programme includes the strategy, governance, processes, tools and culture that are necessary to embed the approach across an organisation


How energy companies can prepare themselves for the low-carbon era

Low-carbon solutions are products, services and technologies with a small carbon footprint that can serve as alternative energy sources

Dr Christopher Daniel_MD and senior partner BCG

Insights: Looking ahead into the future of government

We explore the four fundamental changes governments should make to better meet today’s complex challenges

UAE Payments

UAE payments revenue expected to reach $18.7bn by 2031 – report

The compound annual growth rate of the UAE’s overall payments revenue is forecasted to be at 7.7 per cent from 2021 – 2031, while the region is expected to grow by 9.3 per cent within the same period

UAE wealth to rise to $1tn in 2026-BCG

UAE’s financial wealth to grow to $1tn in 2026: BCG

Equities and investment funds, the largest asset class of total personal wealth at 64 per cent in 2021, are expected to grow the fastest in 2026 with a CAGR of 8.8 per cent

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Gaming consumption in Saudi Arabia projected to reach $6.8bn by 2030

Gaming will increase by an average of 22 per cent compound annual growth rate in the kingdom, according to new Boston Consulting Group report

Majority of UAE customers would readily switch their bank: report

BCG survey says 87 per cent of respondents would consider a digital-only bank

Women’s wealth in Middle East to rise 9% by 2023 – report

Women’s wealth in the UAE and Saudi Arabia amounts to $103bn and $224bn respectively