#Barakah nuclear energy plant

Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant unit 3

This nuclear plant is a step closer to supplying 25% of the UAE’s power

The fourth unit of the UAE’s Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant has been completed, bringing the facility one step closer to generating a quarter of the country’s power needs

ENEC CEO speaks at nuclear symposium Image ENEC X

Nuclear energy to supercharge global clean energy transition: ENEC CEO

ENEC’s CEO highlighted how nuclear can sustainably power energy intensive industries such as datacenters, which utilise 4-5 per cent of total global power supply


EWEC meets 80% of Abu Dhabi power demand with renewable sources for first time

EWEC is accelerating the implementation of Abu Dhabi’s energy transition to reduce reliance on hydrocarbons and meet its energy demand through renewable sources


Barakah One completes refinancing of Barakah plant

The KEXIM loan facilities were refinanced through a competitive market process resulting in the selection of two banks, ADCB and FAB

UAE President, Korea’s Yoon Suk Yeol visit Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant

The two leaders witnessed ongoing operations of Units 1 and 2, the completion of Unit 3, and the progress made on the fourth unit

Unit 3 Barakah Plant_courtesy WAM_ENEC

Barakah nuclear energy plant’s Unit 3 now connected to UAE transmission grid

Unit 3 will add another 1,400 megawatts of zero-carbon emission electricity capacity to the national grid

UAE presents National Report on Spent Nuclear Fuel, Radioactive Waste Management

UAE presents national report on nuclear fuel, radioactive waste management

The report describes the legislative and regulatory measures taken by the UAE to meet its obligations in relation to the Joint Convention held in Vienna

UAE: Unit 2 of Barakah nuclear energy plant starts commercial operations

Unit 2 adds a further 1,400MW of clean electricity to the national grid

Unit 2 of Barakah nuclear energy plant connects to UAE’s transmission grid

Unit 2 will add a further 1,400MW of clean electricity to the grid when at full capacity

Unit 1 of UAE’s Barakah nuclear energy plant achieves 100% power capacity

The Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant is the largest source of clean baseload electricity in the country