Supercar sensation: Introducing the McLaren Artura Spider
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Supercar sensation: Introducing the McLaren Artura Spider

Supercar sensation: Introducing the McLaren Artura Spider

The new Artura Spider is McLaren’s first-ever high-performance hybrid convertible

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The new McLaren Artura Spider

McLaren has unveiled the Artura Spider, marking a significant evolution in their supercar lineup.

This new convertible not only boasts the thrill of open-air driving but is said to deliver enhanced performance, power, and driver engagement.

Michael Leiters, CEO of McLaren Automotive, said: “The new Artura is the complete next-generation supercar, whichever model you choose. We have upgraded the powertrain and the chassis systems to deliver more power, more dynamic performance and even higher levels of connection with the driver – without any compromise in everyday driving. And now alongside the new Artura coupe, we have the Artura Spider, a new convertible that has all of these improvements and brings another dimension of open-air McLaren supercar exhilaration to our range.”

What’s special about the Artura Spider?

Both the Spider and the accompanying new Artura coupe benefit from significant upgrades. The powertrain has been recalibrated, adding 20PS to the V6 engine, bringing the total output to a staggering 700PS. This translates to exhilarating acceleration, with the Spider reaching 0-100 km/h in a mere three seconds.

McLaren‘s dedication to lightweight engineering shines through in the Artura Spider. With a dry weight of just 1,457kg, it easily outperforms the competition, offering a power-to-weight ratio of 480PS/tonne. This translates to exceptional handling and agility.

The centerpiece of the Artura Spider is its electrically operated retractable hard top. Deploying in just 11 seconds, it transforms the car from a sleek coupe to a thrilling open-air roadster. The design seamlessly integrates with the car’s existing lines, maintaining its signature McLaren aesthetic.

The Artura Spider offers an even more captivating driving experience with a revised exhaust system, delivering a refined and immersive engine note. An optional sports exhaust further amplifies the sound, while a “Spinning Wheel Pull-Away” feature allows for dramatic wheelspin under heavy acceleration, adding an extra layer of excitement for track enthusiasts.

Multiple driving modes

The Artura Spider caters to various driving styles with its four powertrain modes: Comfort, Sport, Track, and E-mode. Comfort offers a smooth blend of electric and hybrid power, ideal for everyday driving.

Sport and Track modes become progressively more aggressive, maximising performance and driver engagement. E-mode allows for silent, emission-free electric driving – perfect for urban environments.

The supercar is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including an upgraded McLaren information and connectivity system with smartphone mirroring and wireless charging.

Advanced driver assistance features such as ‘Lane Departure Warning’ and ‘Road Sign Recognition’ enhance safety and convenience.

Customisable interior

The Artura Spider’s interior offers a driver-focused environment with high-quality materials and a clean, uncluttered design.

The McLaren Clubsport seat offers both comfort and support, while a variety of options allow for customisation, catering to individual preferences.

The supercar features a unique visual identity while retaining the signature McLaren design elements.

All-new buttresses with glazed sections provide rear visibility and channel airflow effectively. A heated rear screen further enhances comfort and allows for adjusting engine sound in the cabin for an even more immersive experience.

A wide range of options and packages allows owners to personalise their car further. This includes exterior and interior carbon fibre components, a faster vehicle lift system, and a variety of wheel and exterior paint options

‘Care’ package

Every Artura Spider comes with a comprehensive warranty package, including a five-year vehicle warranty, a six-year battery warranty, and a ten-year anti-perforation body warranty.

Additionally, a three-year service plan and a five-year roadside assistance package provide peace of mind for owners.

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