Successful brands constantly reinvent themselves
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Successful brands constantly reinvent themselves

Successful brands constantly reinvent themselves

Lexus has launched several initiatives to reach out to its customers

Successful brands constantly reinvent themselves

ince 2012, Lexus has been working very hard to make the brand more emotional and appealing, while setting the standard for progressive luxury. With many new models launched recently and a completely revamped lineup, Lexus added a new chapter to its story.

Lexus calls its target customers “influencers”. They drive the changes in brand perception and refine its concept of progressive luxury. These people seek true premium quality, the highest standards of design and fashion. They take full advantage of digital communication and really love amazing cars.

“Amazing” is a key word here. Lexus brand influencers want amazing products and an overall amazing brand experience. Lexus delivers products that are “amazing” in every aspect: design, driving dynamics, cutting edge technology and eco-friendliness. The new spindle grille expresses the direction of Lexus’ concept. It combines distinctiveness, elegance, excitement with great performance, all at once.

To reach out to its “influencers” Lexus has introduced a set of exciting new initiatives including the Lexus Design Award, Lexus hoverboard, Intersect by Lexus and Lexus Short Films.

The Lexus Design Award was created in 2013 to support up-and-coming creators, offering the opportunity to work with world-class designers and realise original work. The competition is open to everyone and covers a wide range of creative fields.

The theme of the competition is always broad, with last year’s competition based around ‘Senses’: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. With the support of Al-Futtaim Motors – who promoted the competition in the United Arab Emirates – last year’s award went to local designers Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati for their “SenseWear” prototype, a collection of clothes and accessories that emphasise the use of senses. The primary purpose is to stimulate and improve awareness of the human senses. The outfits are designed either to mute physical sensations or to sharpen them, depending on the user’s need.

Lexus also brought science fiction closer to reality last year by creating one of the most advanced hoverboards ever developed. The hoverboard features a balance of crafted details, modern materials and technical innovation. It is inspired by classic skateboarding but is meant to explore a new form of motion. In November 2015, a hoverboard replica was displayed at Lexus’ stand at Dubai International Motor Show 2015.

Intersect by Lexus is a unique luxury space where people can truly experience the essence of the brand without getting behind a steering wheel. Neither a dealership, nor a traditional retail space, guests are able to engage with Lexus through food, design, art, fashion, music and technology at this eatery which also serves as a curated library and an innovative garage.

In December 2015, Dubai became the second city globally to launch Intersect by Lexus following the Tokyo opening in 2013. The official inauguration of the venue at the Dubai International Financial Center was a glamorous affair featuring award winning DJ and music producer Mark Ronson. Both spaces were designed by Masamichi Katayama, the world-renowned interior designer and founder of the interior design firm Wonderwall.

And as successful brands never stand still and constantly reinvent themselves, Lexus promises to reach out to the young at heart; everyone who values style, performance, quality, and all the things that go with a lifestyle centered on progressive luxury, in ways that go beyond expectations.

Words: Chris Buxton, managing director of Lexus at Al-Futtaim Motors


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