Spotlight on the Range Rover SV Bespoke Sadaf edition
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Spotlight on the Range Rover SV Bespoke Sadaf edition

Spotlight on the Range Rover SV Bespoke Sadaf edition

The Range Rover SV Bespoke Sadaf is limited to only 20 units for the region

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Imagine a world where luxury transcends mere ownership of a car. It becomes an experience, a curated journey that embodies a specific, elegant lifestyle. This is the essence of the Range Rover brand, and it’s precisely this essence that the “Range Rover House” initiative aims to capture.

This exclusive concept was recently launched in Abu Dhabi, offering a glimpse into a world of automotive luxury with the unveiling of the limited-edition Range Rover SV Bespoke Sadaf.

Limited to only 20 units, this exclusive creation is a testament to Range Rover’s commitment to crafting not just vehicles, but bespoke pieces of automotive art.

Inspired by the region’s pearling heritage

Inspired by the region’s rich pearl diving heritage, the Sadaf Edition shimmers with a unique “glass pearl flake” white gloss exterior paint.

The pearlescent beauty is further accentuated by a contrasting roof and 23-inch “Diamond Turned” SV wheels with intricate details. Even the Range Rover lettering on the front receives the royal treatment, finished in a striking 24k gold and black chrome combination.

The handcrafted interior evokes a sense of refined elegance, featuring the finest materials and finishes.

The cabin has treadplates with the ‘Sadaf Edition’ wordmark alongside a ‘1 of 20’ designation and is draped in duo-toned leather upholstery.

The upper section of the dashboard and the rear seats are covered in liberty blue to reflect the blue colour of the Arabian Gulf with a natural cream ash burr veneer for contrast stitching and bespoke embroidery detailing inside.

Range Rover House: Not just any car showroom

However, access to this world of bespoke luxury extends beyond mere ownership. The Range Rover House in Abu Dhabi transcends the traditional car showroom experience. Here, potential buyers are transformed into discerning guests, invited to partake in a curated experience that celebrates the brand’s vision.

The exclusivity extends beyond the limited number of cars. Each proud owner of the Sadaf Edition will also receive a unique art piece titled The Pearl. This handcrafted sphere, a creation by renowned Emirati artist Matar Bin Lahij, echoes the “spirit” of the car and serves as a reminder of the region’s rich heritage and artistic flair.

Art, design and culture underscore the experience at the Range Rover House. Guests can enjoy live music and sample a chef’s table experience, prepared by Chef Sara Akeel, a multi-award-winning chef who sources and uses local produce, championing a zero-waste philosophy. Guests can also get insights into the future of art and how tech is transforming visual arts, thanks to a unique experience provided by Gallery 37X.

“The dedication to elevating the uniqueness of Range Rover is evident in every detail, from the stunning design of the Sadaf Edition to the exclusive experiences offered at the house, says Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) chief creative officer Gerry McGovern OBE.

Meanwhile, whispers of exciting new developments are also brewing at Jaguar headquarters, with JLR MENA’s managing director Bruce Robertson hinting at an upcoming top-end product.

Range Rover House is housed at the Anantara Santorini Abu Dhabi, an exclusive luxury retreat that opened its doors in February.

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