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Smoke Detected As Emirates Flight Lands In Dubai

Smoke Detected As Emirates Flight Lands In Dubai

Emirates confirmed a hydraulic brake fluid leak on the flight, which was travelling from Kuwait.

An Emirates plane that arrived in Dubai International Airport on Thursday night caused panic after smoke was reportedly detected when it landed on the runway, according to a passenger on board.

The flight, EK858, was travelling from Kuwait and arrived in Dubai at the scheduled time of 8.30pm on Thursday, March 6. However, the plane was abruptly halted on the runway after smoke was spotted.

One of the passengers travelling on the flight confirmed to Gulf Business that a fire-engine arrived on the scene.

He also said that passengers were detained within the aircraft for around 40 minutes, after which they disembarked safely. They were informed that an oil leak caused the problem.

An Emirates spokesperson said: “Emirates flight EK858 on 6th March from Kuwait to Dubai, was towed into the stand on landing, after a small amount of smoke was detected by Air Traffic Control.

“Engineers undertook a thorough check of the aircraft and found the smoke to be the result of a hydraulic brake fluid leak. At no point were the passengers’ safety in jeopardy.

“Emirates apologises for the inconvenience caused, however the safety of our passengers and crew will not be compromised.”

The news follows a similar incident last month, when smoke emerged from the tyres of an Emirates flight landing in Melbourne. The airline however clarified that the smoke was the “result of a common occurrence caused by a warm tyre which has not been in motion in the air, making contact with the runway.”


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