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Small Gas Leak Near Kuwait’s Burgan Field Controlled

Small Gas Leak Near Kuwait’s Burgan Field Controlled

Kuwait Oil Company said no one was injured by the gas leak.


Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has controlled a small leak on a gas pipeline near to the Burgan oil field, the state-run company said on Saturday.

A “simple leak” was discovered on Saturday afternoon on an isolation valve on a gas pipeline running near the security fence around Burgan, one of the world’s biggest oil fields, KOC said on its official Twitter feed.

Nobody was injured by the small gas leak and the problem valve has been isolated, KOC said.

In October last year, KOC set fire to an oil well on the Rawdatain field to get rid of gas leaking from that site.

Major oil exporter Kuwait produces around three million barrels of crude a day, nearly half of it from the Burgan field.


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