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Sharjah’s non-oil GDP reaches Dhs89bn in 2018

Sharjah’s non-oil GDP reaches Dhs89bn in 2018

The emirate’s overall GDP increased to Dhs97.5bn – up from Dhs92.7bn in 2017. 

Sharjah’s non-oil GDP hit Dhs89bn in 2018, according to the Sharjah Economic Development Department, with non-oil sectors accounting for 91.9 per cent of the GDP.

State media agency WAM said that the report indicated an increase in the volume of general production in the emirate last year to about Dhs168bn, while non-oil output increased to Dhs159.5bn.

The transport, storage, and education, health and social services sectors were the fastest-growing sectors of GDP at 4.6 per cent, 6.8 per cent, and 5.5 per cent respectively.

The report also showed that the industrial sector achieved a growth rate of 3.1 per cent, with the strategic sectors overall accounting for 25 per cent of GDP. Construction made up 7.7 per cent of GDP, wholesale 11.6 per cent, and retail and real estate 10.4 per cent.

Sharjah Economic Development Department’s chairman, Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, told WAM that Sharjah’s overall GDP increased to Dhs97.5bn in 2018 – up from Dhs92.7bn in 2017.


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