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Sharjah police stations to start using eye scanners

Sharjah police stations to start using eye scanners

Purpose will be to identify people suspected of using fraudulent documents

Sharjah police stations are to begin using eye scanners on people believed to be using fraudulent documents, the authorities announced on Wednesday.

Using an ‘iris scan’, police can compare live eye scans taken in police custody with other computer networks that store iris files to detect people suspected of fake identification documents.

The technology is already used at customs gates in airports around the world to identify individuals at immigration counters. The United Arab Emirates began rolling these out across the country’s airports in 2014.

Sharjah Police Centres deputy director Colonel Dr Khalifa Kalendar said: “The iris-scan system currently used at various ports of the country has achieved amazing results and proved highly efficient in arresting deported people of different nationalities who attempted to enter UAE after forging their passports and obtaining new visit or work visas.”

He added that the police will work on the system in cooperation with the Directorate General of Foreign Affairs Department in Sharjah.


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