Sharjah Airport sees a 142.74% rise in passenger traffic in H1 022
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Sharjah Airport sees a 142.74% rise in passenger traffic in H1 2022

Sharjah Airport sees a 142.74% rise in passenger traffic in H1 2022

Sharjah Airport saw more than six million passengers travel through the airport in the first half of the year

Sharjah Airport welcomes 6 million passengers in h1 2022

Sharjah Airport has witnessed a 142.74 per cent rise in the passenger traffic during the first half of 2022, accounting for approximately six million travellers.

This substantial growth from 2,449 million travellers in H1 2021 illustrates the confidence that customers have in the airport. Additionally, the airport saw significant growth in the number of flights, with a total of 41,189 aircraft operating in H1 2022 compared to 21,709 in the same period of last year, registering an increase of 89.73 per cent.

Between January and June, the airport handled over 96,000 tons of cargo, accounting for an increase of 50.39 per cent, compared to 63,844 tons the previous year.

Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Airport Authority, said: “The considerable growth in the number of travellers using our airport solidifies Sharjah as a preferred destination for travel and business. The figures also represent the confidence and trust that a large number of travelers place in Sharjah Airport. Our continuous efforts to offer leading innovative services and gaining the satisfaction of passengers guarantee a safe and distinguished travel experience. This is mainly achieved in collaboration with our strategic partners, the various stakeholder and service providers, as well as the key role of the airline community, including Air Arabia, the UAE national carrier based in Sharjah Airport, which has successfully recommenced their operations to various destinations in their network, which has resulted in the growing number of passengers in the airport.

“As part of our efforts to position Sharjah Airport as one of the best airports in the region, Sharjah Airport Authority is eager to invest in smart services and solutions that meet the highest international standards, in order to attract more foreign airlines, strengthen our strategic alliances, and maintain the steady rise in the number of passengers.”

Al Midfa added that the positive growth in travel rates is expected to continue in the second half of 2022 as well.

The airport reported that more than three million passengers travelled through the airport in the first quarter of 2022. This reflected a rise of 119.2 per cent as compared to 1.3 million passengers in the same period last year.

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