SEHA automates patient experience with Sedco's latest solution
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SEHA automates patient experience with Sedco’s latest solution

SEHA automates patient experience with Sedco’s latest solution

The self-service machines enable pre-booked patients to check in, cancel, and reschedule their appointments

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SEHA automates patience experience

SEHA Abu Dhabi has automated the patient journey with Sedco’s latest patient experience management solution.

The well-integrated solution reduces patients’ registration and check-in time from 10-20 minutes to less than a minute, is able to instantly check insurance approvals, patient eligibility, and payment requirements, and ensures proper social distancing in healthcare facilities.

The self-service machines enable pre-booked patients to check in, cancel, or reschedule their appointments, update their patient information, and even schedule the next appointment at the end of their visit.

The self-service machines also function as ticketing kiosks where walk-in patients can get a queue ticket and wait for their turn. The advanced patient flow management solution streamlines between walk-ins and pre-booked patients.

The system notifies patients with appointments about their turns by sending mobile notifications; patients can rely on these alerts and manage their time accordingly.

Patients can also use the self-service machines to check in for pharmacy, lab, or radiology services and pay the due amount by card.

All these services can be done by the patient without the assistance of an employee for the convenience of both the patients and SEHA employees, saving time and effort, increasing healthcare service quality, and enhancing efficiency as employees can attend to more crucial tasks.

Majdi Al-Beit Shawish, CEO at Sedco commented, “For a more convenient experience, our self-service machines include KYC feature to identify patients by Emirates ID card or mobile number, saving the patients from the hassle of manual data entry.

“Powered with interactive dashboards and advanced reporting system, our solution allows SEHA management to centrally monitor each healthcare center, operation, and KPIs such as service quality, utilization, and turnaround time. The system then generates strategic reports to take future decisions to provide exceptional healthcare services, while ensuring better resource allocation and strategic planning to enhance the efficiency of its facilities.”

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