SecureKloud Technologies partners with Dubai-based Cognicx to expand footprint in the region
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SecureKloud Technologies partners with Dubai-based Cognicx to expand footprint in the region

SecureKloud Technologies partners with Dubai-based Cognicx to expand footprint in the region

Under this partnership, the companies aim to help customer’s in their cloud migration processes while also creating new solutions in data modernisation, and cybersecurity

Divsha Bhat

SecureKloud Technologies has announced a partnership with Dubai-based Cognicx IT Solutions to extend its footprints in the Middle East region to help businesses in their cloud transformation journey.

As organisations worldwide started adopting digital technologies for the long haul, breaking years of legacy practices, in less than a year, cloud adoption attracted the highest investment in 2020. In addition, a report by Gartner and Statista observed that the cloud has become the primary choice for businesses to store and access data. The report says that 94 per cent of all enterprises (small, medium and large) are using cloud services, and by 2025 there will be over 100 zettabytes of data stored over the cloud. SecureKloud Technologies will thus offer its suite of solutions through collaboration with Cognicx.

The collaboration also assumes significance against growing concerns in security and data protection due to the lack of experts and experienced companies in many regions. A recent study by Deloitte, sampling 500 IT leaders and executives, found that security and data protection are the top factors for companies moving towards cloud and data modernisation.

“Cloud technologies of all types and models will be more essential in the years to come in the Middle East region. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption pace in a big way. We are in the right place at the right time with the right partner,” said Ravi Chandran, head – Indian Operations and Non-US Territory Sales, SecureKloud Technologies.

“With the new norms of working from home and other flexi schedules, the growth trend will continue rapidly. Our basket of innovative solutions that kept us among the preferred partners of global leaders will now be made available in the Middle East region,” Ravi Chandran added.

“Both SecureKloud Technologies and Cognicx have the right combination of leaders, big thinkers and some of the best brains in the industry. The synergy between the two will bring in a vast and wide experience for implementing cloud computing and digital transformational solutions to businesses with cutting edge technology in the right mix,” commented Anil Kumar, president and co-founder of Cognicx.

SecureKloud Technologies is a global IT business transformation, secure cloud solutions, and managed services provider based in the San Francisco Bay area and a publicly listed company on Indian Stock Exchanges (NSE and BSE).

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