Saudi’s Shoura Council to consider citizenship for children of non-Saudi fathers

Children of Saudi mothers and non-Saudi fathers are not currently granted automatic citizenship

Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council is considering a proposal to grant nationality to the children of a Saudi mother and non-Saudi father, according to reports.

Saudi Gazette cited Shoura member Latifah Al-Shalan as saying the council must look into the problems faced by the children of non-Saudi fathers.

“We must review some of the old laws. The nationality law has been amended a few times even though it has been in place for 60 years. Things have changed since then. The country has developed,” Al-Shalan was quoted as saying.

Shoura members Ata Al-Subaiti, Haya Al-Minai, Wafa Taibah and Thurayah Ubaid will join Al-Shalan in a study of the issue.

“More and more Saudi women are marrying foreigners. This is a worrying trend. We must protect our social fabric. Saudi women should have the right to grant their children Saudi nationality,” she added.

The group will focus only on granting the children of Saudi women married to foreign husbands citizenship and not the husbands themselves.

Husbands can obtain Saudi nationality based on a point system.