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Saudi’s King Salman to shake-up Shoura Council

Saudi’s King Salman to shake-up Shoura Council

At least 18 members of the consultative body are expected to be replaced

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman is expected to shake-up the country’s Shoura Council as it comes to the end of its sixth term, according to reports.

Daily newspaper Al-Madina cited sources as saying at least 18 members of the consultative body who have completed 12 years of service would be replaced.

They include: Ibrahim Al-Bilaihi, Ahmed Al-Mufreh, Khaled Al-Awad, Khidr Al-Qurashi, Rashid Al-Kuthairy, Salim Al-Qahtani, Saud Al-Subaiee, Saud Al-Shammari, Saleh Al-Husseini, Sadaqa Fadil, Aazib Al-Musbil, Abdullah Al-Feefi, Abdul Rahman Al-Suwailem, Abdullah Al-Dhufairy, Mohsen Al-Hazmi, Mohammed Al-Saadan and Mohammed Reda Nasrallah, according to the publication.

The Saudi ruler is expected to appoint 75 new members to the 150-member consultative body including at least 15 women, on December 2.

Under the Shoura Council’s bylaw, those selected must be highly knowledgeable and experienced citizens aged over 30 with Saudi descent and upbringing.

At least 20 per cent must be women and 50 per cent new members.

Shoura members serve for four years, with the new council to be formed two months before the expiry of the existing council’s term.

The sixth term has seen several Shoura members appointed to senior government positions.


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